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Planned Maintenance

  • Panel inspections
  • Machine maintenance
  • Lighting internal, external and emergency
  • Distribution and small power repairs
  • Fire alarm servicing
  • CCTV servicing
  • Emergency lighting servicing

Every electrical system needs to be maintained. Failure to do so can result in safety issues and expensive repairs.

Having a reliable source of power is essential for all businesses, there would be no operations without it and yet far too many companies do not prioritise critical, regular scheduled maintenance checks of their electrical equipment. Prolonged failure to maintain electrical equipment will, in most cases, result in expensive emergency repairs which could so easily be avoided.

The elevated safety risks that are the result of neglecting regular maintenance are vast. Electric shocks, fire alarms which fail to sound and emergency lighting that doesn’t work would be disastrous for any business.

We encourage all commercial clients, no matter their size, to engage in a planned schedule of maintenance. We work around our clients’ needs, often scheduling appointments during ‘down time’ or periods that are traditionally quiet in certain sectors. It is simply one less thing for businesses to have to worry about!

For more information on planned maintenance or to speak to someone about a planned maintenance plan that suits your business, please call us on 01388 663116 or send us an email.

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