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Fire & security alarms

  • Domestic intruder alarms wired and wireless
  • Domestic fire alarm installation, smoke, heat and carbon detectors

The place we should all feel safest and most comfortable in is our homes. As electricians, it literally is our job to make sure this is the case.

We offer installation of fire alarms and smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors and intruder alarms. We recommend having a smoke alarm installed on every floor of your property.


Fire alarms literally save lives. We recommend that you test all smoke alarms once a week and replace the battery every year to ensure they are up to standard. Our advice would be to have new fire alarms fitted every ten years. Apart from the obvious safety benefits of having a fire alarm, it may affect any insurance claims if you have stated that you have a fire alarm but it is found not to be working.

With the North East being in the top five for residential burglary, it is important to protect your home. Our friendly electricians will advise on the best way to secure your property, whether this be wired or wireless intruder alarms.

For more information about how we can help you with fire and security alarms, please call us on 01388 663116 or send us an email.

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