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Combining state-of-the-art technology and high-quality design, KNX Home Automation ensures that devices, connections, controls and systems work together in harmony. KNX quite simply brings your home to life. Imagine walking in to a room and the lights automatically turn on and then off as you leave, your blinds tilting as the sun rises to keep your home cool and a home that senses how warm or cold it is and adjusts the temperature accordingly – you will never again wake up in the middle of the night because it is too hot. Not only does KNX mean you won’t have to ‘sweat the small stuff’ but it is also extremely energy efficient. Never again will you leave a light on by accident after you leave a room or forget to turn the heating off. This not only makes it cost-efficient but also fantastic from an environmental point of view. KNX can be updated, meaning that as technological advancements are made you do not have to purchase a new system as it is adaptable to change.

Smart homes are without a doubt the future of modern living. In such a fast-paced world we are all looking to maximise on time and the smart home is the ultimate new-age way to do so, providing fully connected living.

A smart home is equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer. For example, a smart home may control lighting, temperature, multi-media, security, window and door operations, as well as many other functions.

The installation of a home cinema is a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to any property. Why leave the comfort of your home to go to the cinema when you can relax in your own setting with your feet up? We can install lighting (the cinematic experience calls for mood lighting after all!) and, of course, the necessary wiring, speakers and screen. We will work with you to make sure all your requirements are met and that you are more than happy with the end result.


A smart home allows you to control household tasks from anywhere in the world. For example, if you leave for work and forget to turn the heating off you can do this through your smartphone. Likewise, if you want to turn the fire on so the house is warm and inviting upon your return from a long day at work, you can do so in seconds.

Smart intruder and CCTV are also the best way to ensure the safety of your property. The days of alarms and floodlights being the only security options available are long since past. Smart CCTV means you can remotely monitor any unwanted activity from anywhere there is an internet connection and deter it from happening.

Smart intruder and CCTV is not only excellent against burglaries, it is also an invaluable safeguard against other emergencies such as fires and gas leaks. In the event of such emergencies, the correct authority will be informed and damage will be kept to a minimum.

Unlike wired alarming, wireless intruder alarms are far quicker and less complicated to install. There is no risk of damage to your walls or a need to run wires throughout the whole house and there is absolutely no mess involved. Wireless systems are far more secure than wired for many reasons e.g. if the power in your house goes out, your wireless alarm will not be affected in any way. Wireless alarm systems send their signals through secure wireless networks which can be monitored via a smartphone. This allows you to have peace of mind wherever you are in the world that your home is secure.

For more information about how we can help turn your home into a Smart Home, please call us on 01388 663116 or send us an email.

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