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Electric is the future of heating.

  • Heating control wiring
  • Electric heating
  • Oil filled radiators
  • Rointe Heaters

Heating is currently one of the most expensive outgoings for home owners and also the least efficient. This is because gas systems have evolved very little over the last few years. However, electric heating has made massive improvements and is by far the most cost efficient, both in terms of initial set-up price and running fees. In recent years there has been a shift of awareness in consumers who now recognise the need for clean and efficient heating systems that have minimal impact on the environment.


Electric heating is far easier to install than gas heating which requires pipes, ducts and vents. There are none of the restrictions around building layout that often comes with gas installation and no planning problems. Maintenance is also far easier and cost effective as there is no need for yearly maintenance.

From a safety point of view, electric heating is far better than gas. There is no worry of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. Risk to the property is also non-existent as there are no water-filled pipes which have the potential to burst and cause untold damage.

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